Welcome to the Open Space Alliance

The Open Space Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote public awareness and conservation of Open Space lands, and to educate the public about the natural, historic, cultural, educational, and recreational aspects of Open Space areas.

Vision: Residents and visitors will understand and value Albuquerque’s Open Space Program, and recognize the Open Space Alliance as an avenue for stewardship and engagement.

Mission: OSA will enhance the experiences of all users of Albuquerque Open Space lands by providing financial support for Open Space programs; by advocating for sustainability and expansion of Open Space programs; and by encouraging increased public involvement with and use of Open Space lands.

Sunday, December 8 and 29
2:00pm – 3:30pm

Explore the mysteries of Chinese Qigong in a beautiful setting with instructor Marcy Pincus.

Minimum donation is $10.00. A portion benefits the Open Space Alliance. Space is limited. Please call 897-8831 to register.

Saturday, December 14
9:00am – 12:30pm

Trail Watch Volunteers are the eyes and ears of the Open Space Division,
reporting wildlife and visitor activities, maintenance needs, suspicious activity and other vital information occurring on the 30,000 acres of diverse lands the Division manages.

FREE.  To register, contact Dionne Epps at depps@cabq.gov or call 897-8831.

Sunday, December 22
10:30am – 12:00pm

The Solstice Seed Mandala creation is an annual community art-making event to celebrate the coming of the winter season. The seeds of the mandala serve to feed migratory songbirds and the mandala remains in place for about a week.

Participants contribute to the design and help to build the Mandala. The Mandala remains in place for about one week.

FREE. Call 897-8831 for more information.

Sunday, December 22
12:30pm – 1:30pm

To celebrate the Winter Solstice, Regina Ress, as well as Scott and Johanna Hongell-Darsee, bring winter tales and songs from around the world to the City of Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center (OSVC).  Join them in welcoming the light and a joyous new year.

See www.reginaress.com and www.hongelldarsee.com

Call 897-8831 or see www.cabq.gov/openspace for more information.

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