Sunday, February 24
1:00pm – 3:00pm

Join permaculture experts Cameron Weber and Peter Callen for this interactive workshop and discussion about the future of the Open Space Visitor Center Permaculture Field.

The workshop will include an introduction to permaculture principles as well as a community input session on site design, plant selection and the kinds of plantings the community wants to see represented in the future. We’ll spend time both indoors and out, so dress for the weather.

Space is limited. Please call 897-8831 to register.

Saturday, February 16
2:00pm – 3:30pm

This program is funded by the New Mexico Humanities Council and the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. Artist, photographer and curator Diana Molina’s presentation features an eclectic multi-faceted portrayal that embodies the spirit of our regional heritage through symbols and iconographic representations, sometimes with a distinctly modern twist.

The Virgin of Guadalupe, Pancho Villa and the Monarch Butterfly are among the images in a presentation that includes tradition, history, contemporary culture, and nature. Molina’s images depict the relationships of people, land and culture rooted in a rich environment.

FREE. Space is limited. Please call 897-8831 to register.

Saturday, February 16
9:00am – 12:00pm

Are you a walker, hiker, equestrian or bicyclist who would like to have your observations assist in the overall protection of Open Space lands? Can you picture yourself spending a couple of hours each week at the Open Space Visitor Center, a gentle retreat within the city limits?

Become part of the community of Open Space and lend your talents in any number of ways from special events, to education, interpretation, gardening, publicity, trail maintenance and more.

Space is limited. Please call 897-8831 to register.

Saturday, February 9
1:30pm – 4:00pm

Amending desert garden soil is a continuous effort. The class will cover the basics of soil constituents, soil testing and the benefits of the soil food web. The value of humus in finished compost will be prominent in the discussion. Options for improving soil fertility and resiliency in the face of warm temperatures and low precipitation will be presented. Useful take-home information will allow participants to plan for and implement soil amending practices right away.

Prior to the class, a recommended reading is The Soul of the Soil by Grace Gershuny.

To register, call 505-897-8831 or send an email to

Instructor: John Zarola.

Saturday, February 2
1:00pm – 2:00pm

Award-winning artists Harriette Tsosie and Elle MacLaren will guide participants through their artmaking processes and the inspirations for the exhibit “Cosmic.”

Harriette Tsosie’s work consists of a series of scrolls about the known planets in our solar system as well as discoveries made with the assistance of contemporary technology, such as the Hubble Space Telescope. Her father, an amateur astronomer, inspired this series of work.

Elle MacLaren’s creative process manifests as an exploration of environmental images. Material, color, and texture are the important elements of this exploration using encaustic, metal, cement, oils, graphite and various other media. Her work references landscapes, cityscapes, and “planetscapes.”

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