Saturday March 23
1:30pm – 3:30pm

Worm composting is recycling that produces a useful soil conditioner. The class will include the selection of an appropriate worm species and creating a healthy environment for that species. Useful take-home information will cover all aspects of setting up and managing a worm composting operation indoors or outdoors.

Instructor: John Zarola. Space is limited. To register, call 505-897-8831 or send email to

Sunday, March 17

This qigong set is used to “pulse” or open and close all the joints in the body. It helps to lessen the effects of repetitive stress injury, carpal tunnel, and OA. “Pulsing” can be used to help heal damaged body joints like knees, hands, elbows, shoulders and neck.

Qigong can also help relieve stress; calm the nerves; and smooth and release physical, mental and emotional blockages in the body. This style of Qigong consists of two movements done standing in place. It is easy to learn for people of any age or body type. This sequence builds on the vertical Circling Hands qigong, however Circling Hands is not a requirement to take Marriage of Earth and Heaven.

Instructor: Marcy Pincus. Class fee is a suggested $5.00 donation. A portion benefits the Open Space Alliance. Space is limited. Please call 897-8831 to register.

Saturday, March 16
5:00pm – 9:00pm

The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS) and the Open Space Visitor Center will co-host this popular, family-friendly annual event, which includes craft-making activities, an astronomy talk at 7pm safe viewing of the sun at 5pm and night sky viewing with a variety of telescopes on the back patio.

See for more information and a full schedule of events, or call 897-8831.

The 2019 Open Space Alliance (OSA) Annual Membership Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, March 9, 2019, 10AM-Noon at the Open Space Visitors Center (6200 Coors Blvd NW). All OSA members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Refreshments will be provided.

To view the meeting agenda, please click here.

To view the 2018 OSA Annual Report, please click here.

The OSA Board of Directors looks forward to sharing our 2018 accomplishments and our 2019 objectives with OSA members, and we’re eager to hear from the new leadership at the Open Space Division and at the Parks and Recreation Department.

Sunday, February 24
1:00pm – 3:00pm

Join permaculture experts Cameron Weber and Peter Callen for this interactive workshop and discussion about the future of the Open Space Visitor Center Permaculture Field.

The workshop will include an introduction to permaculture principles as well as a community input session on site design, plant selection and the kinds of plantings the community wants to see represented in the future. We’ll spend time both indoors and out, so dress for the weather.

Space is limited. Please call 897-8831 to register.

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