Winter Solstice Stories and Seed Mandala

Sunday, December 17
10:00am – noon

To kick off our Winter Solstice Seed Mandala event here at the Visitor Center, Regina Ress and Loren Nieme will tell stories from around the world that celebrate the light. In this darkest time of year, people across the northern hemisphere are lighting candles, making bonfires, and telling tales that invite the light to return.

At 11am, we will gather for the creation of a Mandala made of different kinds of grains and seeds. Volunteers contribute to the design and help to build the Mandala. The Mandala remains in place for one week. Materials for the Mandala consist of seeds and grains which can be eaten by birds, composted or can quickly biodegrade.

Just as our 2017 Seed Mandala celebrates diversity creating a beautiful unity, our Winter Solstice storytelling program brings tales from many cultures that celebrate light, kindness, and peace. 

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