Montaño Southwest Loop Trail


Often referred to as “the green ribbon of life,” the bosque provides a unique and welcome habitat in the high desert. It has offered food and other important resources to people and wildlife for as long as they have been living in the area. One species common to the bosque, and this site in particular, is the porcupine. During the cooler months look up into the canopy. Do you see what appears to be a large nest? Look a little closer. It may be a porcupine basking in the sun. Coyotes, beaver, raptors, herons, and a wide variety of small birds can also be seen in this area.


Take I-25 to the Montgomery/Montaño exit (Exit 228). Go west on Montaño and continue over the river. Enter the Pueblo Montaño Picnic Area which is one block east of Coors Blvd on the south side of Montaño Rd. Access to this trail begins in the Pueblo Montaño Picnic Area.

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