Piedra Lisa Canyon


Piedra Lisa means “smooth rock” in Spanish and refers to the cliff face worn smooth over time by water as it cascades down the canyon. Sometimes it is only a trickle, but the presence of water gives life to a narrow riparian area consisting of cottonwoods, coyote willows, New Mexico olives and hackberry trees. Follow the Canyon Trail about 1/4 mile, marked by green arrows, up to the top of the waterfall for a view across the city, west mesa and out to Mount Taylor.


Take I-40 to the Tramway exit (Exit 167). Take Tramway Blvd. north to Candelaria Rd. and head east on Candelaria until it ends at Camino de la Sierra. Head south and go about 1/2 mile, the parking will be on the east side of the street.

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