Welcome to the Open Space Alliance

The Open Space Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote public awareness and conservation of Open Space lands, and to educate the public about the natural, historic, cultural, educational, and recreational aspects of Open Space areas.

Special Announcement

WHO: OSA and TCR Productions
WHAT: 14th Annual Run for the Hills 2016 10K/5K/Kids1K
WHEN: Sunday, August 21, 2016
WHERE: ABQ Open Space Embudo Canyon Trailhead
WHY: Supporting The Open Space Alliance

More information and registration forms on TCR Productions website.

Events at Visitor Center

Saturday, July 30
10:00am – 12:00pm

Join Dara Saville of Albuquerque Herbalism for this free gardening program.  Together we will explore common edible and medicinal weeds that you likely already have growing around you.  Our discussions will include ways to identify the weeds in your yard, how to harvest and prepare them, and the useful properties of each plant.  Sample herbal preparations will be available to try.

Cost: FREE. Space very limited. Register at 897-8831

Sunday, July 31
9:00am – 11:00am

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is the assessment of and treatment given to an ill or injured person in a remote environment where definitive care by a physician and/or rapid transport is not readily available. In this two-hour introductory session, certified Wilderness Medical Institute of NOLS instructor Dara Johnson will give an overview of first aid in the outdoors.

Cost: FREE. Register with Bill Pentler at 452-5222

Saturday, August 13
12:00pm – 4:30pm

Join the Open Space Visitor Center for this unique program as we host Albuquerque’s Calligraphy Society Escribiente and local poets in celebration of mid-summer!

Calligraphers from Escribiente will demonstrate how to make “weathergrams,” a unique form of nature poetry intended to be displayed outdoors. Just before the event, Escribiente calligraphers will hang over 100 weathergrams on trees around the Visitor Center grounds as a temporary art installation. The weathergrams will be on display throughout the summer months.

Calligrapher Lloyd Reynolds first started making weathergrams or “weather writings” in the 1960s. Based loosely on the ideas of Japanese haiku, he defined the weathergram poem as “a sudden insight—10 words or less … the subject matter should be seasonal, and the resulting vertical flag, preferably made of brown paper, should be hung on a tree branch between Solstice and Equinox.

To top off the day’s celebration, join us for a special presentation of poetry from 3:00–4:30pm with local poet Dale Harris. You may also read your own nature-themed poetry the day of the event.

Please Note: Registration is required to participate in the calligraphy workshop and the poetry reading. Space is limited.

Program of events:
Noon–3pm: Weathergram demonstrations by Escribiente (in the Lobby)
12:30–1:00pm: The Origin of “Open Stories.” Artist Chris Meyer, featured in the Open Space Visitor Center Gallery, will talk about the many narratives and stories intrinsic in his imaginative and original art exhibit Open Stories: Finding Art in All the Right Places. (Kiva Room). Open Stories will be on display at the Visitor Center through August 28th, 2016.
1:30–2:30pm: Calligraphy workshop by Beth House of Escribiente (Kiva Room)
• The workshop is limited to 20 people aged 10-100
• RSVP required. Call 897-8831 to register
3:00–4:30pm: Open Mic Poetry Reading (in the Kiva Room)
• The reading will feature poet Dale Harris, other talented local poets, and YOU! Read your own nature-themed or Open Space themed poems! Please register to participate in the reading at 897-8831. Limit 10 poets.

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